The WakeUp, an adaption of the Symposium by Generation Waking Up, our youth initiative partner,  brings the Be the Change message to the Millennial Generation.

The WakeUp is an interactive, multimedia workshop about the challenges and opportunities of our time, and inspires participants to take meaningful action toward a thriving, just and sustainable world.

Whether it be social entrepreneurship ventures, community service projects, or hard-hitting advocacy campaigns, the WakeUp has inspired collaborative action by young people around the globe.

Since its launch in 2010, young people have brought the WakeUp to at least 12 countries including the United States, China, Mexico, India, Kenya, Australia, Egypt, Germany,Brazil, Romania and the UK.  Thousands have experienced it and over 150 young people are now trained as WakeUp Facilitators.

A Powerful Tool for Inspired Action

Through music, powerful videos, dynamic group processes, and active conversations, participants explore the critical questions facing society today:

  1. Who Are We as a generation coming of age in these times?
  2. Where Are We as a global society around key challenges of environmental sustainability, social justice, and human thriving?
  3. What Has To Change in the way we see ourselves, each other, and our world, if we want to create a world that works for all?
  4. What Do We Do Now, given all this?  What is our unique role in creating a better world, as individuals and as a generation?

In 2-4 hours, participants find a new sense of identity and purpose, as members of a generation and a movement that can transform our world.

How you can connect to the movement in the UK and Europe

  • Join our mail list: Stay connected to Generation Waking Up by receiving regular updates about what is happening locally, nationally and across Europe.
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  • Attend a WakeUp: Want to see what’s happening in our world, and how you can make the difference you are really here to make?  Or are you already taking action, but needing to re-charge and reconnect to the bigger picture?
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  • Share your Story: What is YOUR story? What do you most appreciate about being young and alive in these times? What breaks your heart or inspires you about what’s happening in the world? What are you already doing?
  • Host a WakeUp: Want to ignite or re-ignite inspired action in your community, school, or organisation? Contact your local Community Co-ordinator to find out more.
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  • Facilitate a WakeUp: Want to spread the story of what’s happening in our world and what we can do about it?  Or, are you already spreading the story and looking for a powerful new tool in your toolbox?
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